We Met A Bunny Today!

Today our friends finished sharing their lanterns and they are all displayed in the classroom! At the end of the day we had our first mystery reader, Astrid the Bunny! Along with Mrs. Schwartz. They read us a book featuring a cute rabbit then our friends got to hold and pet her, if they wanted to.

September 23rd

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we will be going into the woods to help Mrs. Van Dine’s friends clean out the little pond. Friends will get very messy and muddy. Please send them in clothes you are okay with them getting messy and even more extra’s so we do not have to use the extra clothes they have at school for emergencies. (:

Today we started our day doing our monthly self portraits. We also had Spanish with Mrs. C! Our star of the day shared her awesome toy from home! Today was even our first day with all our friends together so that was so much fun!

Happy Friday! September 18th

We made it through week two and this group is so much fun! Everyone has been the most caring and helpful friends to one another. Today we started the day with table activities. We also got to have recess with Mrs. Van Dine and Mrs. Rachel’s friends! We ended the day with a game of alphabet bingo. We picked our first star of the day for Monday. Our friends did so well being happy for their friend. We did explain that everyone would have a turn!

Have a great weekend! See you Monday (:

Tuesday, September 15th

We started our morning going on a letter hunt! Each friend had a clipboard and paper. Their job was to look around the room for as many letters they could find then do their best to write them down! They did awesome! We finally got to check out the gym! Before playing we explored choices. I gave them two options and they had to run to either Mrs. Volz or I based off what they picked.

During centers each friend got to play the Osmo! It is such a fun interactive game to play with the Ipad. They loved it!